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Rosenfeld Plastic Surgery is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 6 ratings.

I’ve decided to have this surgery for myself. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a child and throughout the years I’ve lost a lot of it. I knew my breasts would not get any better. It was the one thing about my body that I was unhappy about. After doing a lot of research and having countless consults I never felt satisfied or felt any connections with the surgeons. The moment I met Dr. Rosenfeld he made me feel very comfortable and didn’t suggest me touching other body parts. I feel amazing. I love looking in the mirror and seeing what I see. Something that I hated has turned into something I love. I think after a lot of thinking and research someone who is considering it should make sure to know its a process and there’s a road to recovery. You have to be very patient and accepting. Thank you to Dr. Rosenfeld and specifically Leah. Leah made me very comfortable and was very attentive. It has now been 4 months since my procedure and every thought, dollar, pain, and smile has been extremely worth it. I will forever be thankful for having such an amazing team a part of my life.
Jasmine S.

Decidí hacerme cirugía porque no me sentía bien con mi cuerpo y pensé que una cirugía seria lo mejor para volver a sentirme bien conmigo misma. Escuche al doctor por medio de tv y también en internet. lo elegí porque me sentí segura con el. Me siento mucho mejor que antes y cuando escucho a alguien decir que desean hacerse una cirugía yo les digo que es lo mejor y claro que recomiendo al doctor Rosenfeld.

I needed eye surgery and the results came out great. I look like myself again. I heard about him on the radio and from friends who also had surgery with him. I recommend him to everyone because he did a good job with my eyes.
Lucia F.

Me hice la operacion porque no me sentía bien con mi figura y porque me sentía segura con el doctor porque si conozco a alguien muy amiga mía que se opero con el. Me siento bien y confío en él para recomendarlo a mi familia y amistades.

I wanted to have my surgery because I didn’t feel comfortable with my breasts because they were too small. My friend had surgery done with Dr. Rosenfeld before and I love the way she looks. I recommend Dr. Rosenfeld to friends and family. My friend is actually here with me right now. My sister is also coming to see Dr. Rosenfeld.
Elsa P.

Decidí hacerme la operacion porque me sentía incomoda al verme esa bolsa en mi ojo izquierdo. Siempre he dicho que hay que ser orgulloso como uno es, pero si hay algo que puede ayudarle a sentirte mejor porque no? la decisión la hice viendo una propaganda en univision, tome su numero y llame. Definitivamente le aconsejaria 100% que se la haga con el Dr. Rosenfeld. Hoy me siento más segura gracias a él.

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